Technological Processes Automation

«BelPromEngineering» llc carries out a complex of works from automation of complex technological processes in food manufacturing. The key to success in the food industry is layed in the accuracy of the process and reliable equipment, so we take this into account in the design and implementation of our projects. Our experts adapt the automation system to the particular manufacturing technology of each product.

We use the components of European manufacturers as part of the equipment:
  • WAGO;
  • LAPPKABEL etc.
We specialize in automation of the next types of equipment:
  • tanks for storage and processing;
  • automatic CIP stations;
  • pasteurization and cooling plants;
  • valve combs;
  • reception posts, etc.
The structure of the automatic control system consists of four levels:
  1. Peripheral equipment (pumps, valves, sensors);
  2. Program control;
  3. Operator control level (operator panels for process control);
  4. Administrative control level (personal computer and SCADA WinCC system).
The functions of control systems:
  • receiving measurement information from sensors;
  • formation of control signals for actuators;
  • control and analysis of parameters; • process control;
  • visualization of the operation of technological equipment;
  • alarm deviation of the values of technological parameters;
  • archiving of technological parameters;
  • a log of technological events with a record of emergency situations that occur in the system.