One of the areas of work of our Company is engineering services - engineering consulting services or related works that have research, design or analytical nature.

Choosing the direction of your company’s development can be difficult, and expert advice may be required to find its possible paths. The expert approach of BelProm Engineering will help to study and evaluate your enterprise in order to improve performance in all areas of production.

The principle of our work is:
  1. the study and collection of information about the enterprise in order to obtain baseline indicators;
  2. comparison with similar enterprises;
  3. determination of the desired results (“what should be”);
  4. identification the necessary capabilities and assets;
  5. creation the technological schemes for discussion with the customer in Compass-3D, AutoCAD systems;
  6. designing technological schemes and equipment in the SolidWorks system with detailed binding and calculation.

Engineering is effective only if all work is carried out by specialists: technologists, engineers, draftsmen, whose main task is to optimize and rationalize the process, modernize the enterprise in order to produce quality products with the lowest cost.